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3 popular options for rural internet

3 popular options for rural internet

There are various perks of living in the rural areas and enjoying the country life filled with fresh air, peace, serenity, and open spaces. Compared to the cities, the internet connections are slow in the rural areas, irrespective of the reputed rural internet providers. Though cable or DSL is not a good option when it comes to rural internet providers, the options have increased over the years. Some of the best rural internet options are listed below:

  • Satellite in
    Satellite is one of the top rural internet options rather the first one for most people. The service works in a manner similar to that of a satellite TV. A satellite is placed in the orbit and the satellite dish that is installed at your house is connected to the orbiting satellite above. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to the satellite dish installation is placing the dish in a manner that it has a southward view of the sky. Remember, the way you position your satellite should be such that it is unobstructed. Some of the top rural satellite internet providers are HughesNet (the plan starts at $39.99 approximately and includes a speed up to 15 Mbps), Exede (the plan starts at $39.99 approximately and includes a speed up to 12 Mbps), and DISH (the plan starts at $39.95 approximately and includes a speed up to 10 Mbps).
  • Wireless broadband
    Wireless broadband is one of the good rural internet options. However, you may have to see if there is a wireless internet service provider (WISP) in your area. A local ISP usually offers this service and generally, wireless broadbands work using a point-to-point connection. Equipment is needed to be installed by your provider like a small antenna on the top of your house. This antenna will communicate to their equipment, which is often placed in elevated locations like a radio tower.
  • Mobile wireless broadband
    One of the popular rural internet options available is mobile wireless broadband service. Some of the popular rural internet providers that offer this service are AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Each of these carriers offers different plans, which include the use of a mobile hotspot, such as MiFi. This allows several devices to get connected to an internet hotspot. However, it is necessary to remember that if several users are connected at the same time and utilizing some huge bandwidth like watching movies or playing online games, then the overall internet speed might slow down. Also, you may ask the rural internet provider in case there are any additional costs for features like tethering.
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