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4 popular Christmas games for children

4 popular Christmas games for children

Christmas is more than just a holiday. It is a time for enjoyment and time to spend with your family and close friends. This time is to be spent with your loved ones and should be enjoyed without any worries. And how do we make this “spending time together” more fun? The answer is simple-holiday party games!

Holiday party games are the solution to every gathering, especially for Christmas. There is nothing better than spending time with your family and enjoying some holiday games to keep things interesting.

There are many holiday party games that you can plan for your Christmas party. Plan a Christmas party with interactive Christmas games for adults and kids as well. Here are four of the most popular games that your kids will love.

  • Pass the antlers: This is one of the most popular reindeer games. It is played like the game of hot potatoes. A pair of antlers is passed among the participants. When each participant receives a pair, the participant is to put these antlers on. Then they take it off again and pass the antlers. Music is played in the background. When the music stops, any participant who is found wearing a pair of antlers is taken out. The game continues until only one participant is left.
  • Decorate the cookie: This is another game that your kids will love. It can be played with adults as well. All you need to do is get some cookies and some cookie decorations. Ask the participants to decorate their cookies as they see fit. The best cookie wins the game. This is one of the best Christmas games for kids.
  • Gift stacking game: This is one of the simplest games which can be played during a Christmas party. If you are looking for Santa games for toddlers, then search no more. You can easily teach your toddler to stack one gift on top of the other. This game is timed, and when the buzzer goes off, the tallest stack wins the game. The time for the buzzer can be kept according to your preference.
  • Wrap the present: Another game which can be played by both adults and the young ones. This can be easily played by find random boxes and wrap them up with sheets of wrapping paper and decorations. The winner is obviously the best-wrapped present. To make things more fun, you can add a timer for the gift wrapping contest.

Don’t just plan a simple gathering of friends and family. Organize some holiday party games to add a fun quotient and make the time spent together even more enjoyable.