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4 types of bikini line hair removal methods that you could use

4 types of bikini line hair removal methods that you could use

Summer is soon approaching and everybody is in the mood of going on a leisurely trip. With the sun shining bright and the trees swaying in glory, there is no other time to hit outdoors. So are you planning to make a trip to the beach or jump in the pool? If you are planning to flaunt your bikini body, you must be deciding on the best way of bikini line hair removal. If you still confused and left wondering, here are 4 types of bikini line hair removal methods that you can consider:

Shaving – Shaving is one of the most commonly used bikini line hair removal method. Shaving works by cutting the hair growth at the surface of the skin which why the skin grows back faster. It is an option that most people are familiar with as it is convenient and does not consume too much time. This method is one of the most painless ways of bikini line hair removal, as long as you are careful to not cut your skin.

Waxing – Waxing is yet another popular but more painful option. In this method, the wax is applied on the skin and ripped off using a cloth strip. This method involves removing hair from the root and thus, the skin is hairless for a longer time. Waxing can help in leaving your bikini line more smooth and flawless as it removes the dead skin cells too. When waxing, one should ensure that the hair growth is thick enough so that it can be ripped off easily. This can be very painful, especially if you are waxing the bikini line for the first time. Waxing can be done at the salon or at home using a kit.

Hair removal creams – Hair removal creams are a great choice for first-time bikini line hair removal. Pain-free, these work by dissolving the hair. Hair removal creams have to be applied in thick layers of the skin and be left for a few minutes. After application, the is then wiped off, cleaning the off hair. The hair is dissolved just from the surface of the skin, like in the case of shaving. If you are looking for a smoother skin touch with every strand of hair out, this may not be the best option as is not effective when it comes to coarser hair.

Laser – Laser hair-removal is a method that is carried out by using light to destroy the roots of the body hair growth. The laser detects pigments on the skin and kills the hair from the root making for a long-term bikini line hair removal option. Laser hair removal is carried out in sessions and can be expensive, depending on the size of the area.