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5 popular brands of ski gear you should know about

5 popular brands of ski gear you should know about

While choosing your ski gear it is always important to keep in mind your level of skill, where do you ski: powder/groomed, backcountry, and so on will help you narrow the search for the best ski gear possible with modern-day ski technology. The term ‘all mountain’ varies by retailer and manufacturer. Listed below are some great ski gear reviews for you:

  • Nordica Enforcer 93: This has an all-mountain design; it is slimmer and it retains flotation and quickness. This ski loves turns, the hammerhead tip is a great initiator, and has medium flex with two layers of metal. The ski is friendly at reasonable speeds. Enforcer 93 feels comfortable in just about all conditions except big powder days. There is a coast-to-coast appeal. Nordica also has ski gear deals on Enforcer 100 and Enforcer 110.
  • Rossignol Experience 88 HD: The Experience 88 is a longtime favorite. They have made a few changes giving it an eager feel. This model features a Carbon Alloy Matrix, bringing a light and snappy personality. Combined with Air Tip Technology which reduces the weight at the tips, the turn is very easy and has excellent edge-to-edge quickness. The technology justifies the high price. The 88-millimeter waist, lack of metal in the ski means the Experience is not versatile in soft snow as the Enforcer. But it can hold its own on hardpack and through crud.
  • Line Sick Day 88: All-mountain skis are expensive, and one won’t get them usually at ski gear discounts. The Line’s new Sick Day 88 is hundreds of dollars cheaper. You can get the best prices during end-of-the-season ski gear sales. The entire Sick Day line-up has been updated, but 88 is what caught our eye. It is a budget-friendly price, and it is not built for getting on the edge and is not comfortable on hard snow. But it is lightweight.
  • Salomon QST 99: It is a mid-width freeride ski. They have focused on keeping the weight down to retain all-around performance. To achieve this, they have combined wood core with edge-to-edge Titanal insert, a laminate of carbon and flax. It is not stable for high speed on hardpack. Salomon is an all-mountain option that sees a lot of powder but is less versatile than Enforcer.
  • Volkl Kendo: This is ski is for those who want to hit the back bowls and the front side. It is a highly versatile ski gear that is narrow and stiff to take on runs at different speeds. There is enough metal to power down and for rock-solid stability. Past versions were criticized for being unforgiving to intermediate riders. But Volkl has made changes with the result being an all-rounder for hardpack and light powder days.