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5 yummy yogurt smoothies to have on-the-go

5 yummy yogurt smoothies to have on-the-go

Smoothies have come to replace breakfast for a lot of people. The reason is pretty simple, morning is the busiest part of everyone’s day. You rush around getting ready for work and to start your day. Most often, the one thing that takes a beating and that is often neglected is breakfast. So, if you find yourself missing on some solid breakfast, despair not. Grab some yogurt and make some smoothie for yourself to have it on-the-go.

Many smoothie recipes call for yogurt. This is because yogurt smoothies are the healthiest of the lot with their rich probiotic content. Also, when you add your preferred fruit or vegetable, you get all the vitamins and energy essential for your body. Yogurt smoothies can also help you get rid of your hunger pangs and cravings. You can gulp down on these delicious yogurt smoothies. Use these awesome yogurt smoothies recipes to make something healthy and take it along with you.

  • Spicy blueberry smoothie: This yogurt-based smoothie has a hint of spice along with the tangy-ness of blueberries. Combine half cup blueberries, one teaspoon ground cinnamon, one cup yogurt and one cup milk (low-fat, if you prefer). Add ice and sugar if you desire. To make the smoothie thicker, add one more cup of yogurt and reduce milk by half.
  • Fruity yogurt smoothie: In the blender, blend one banana, one cup strawberries, half cup yogurt, one-fourth cup pineapple juice, one teaspoon of orange juice and milk and one teaspoon of sugar (if preferred). You can use any berries, if strawberries are not available.
  • Pineapple banana smoothie: This yogurt smoothie recipe needs one medium banana, one cup of crushed pineapple, one cup yogurt, and one cup orange juice. Blend everything together until you get a smooth consistency.
  • Shot of spice smoothie: Blend together one cup chilled apple cider, one cup milk (low fat, if preferred), one cup yogurt, one banana, half cup sliced blackberries, two teaspoons honey, one-fourth teaspoon of ground cinnamon, white pepper, cardamom and nutmeg each.
  • Cinnamon bun smoothie: This smoothie is as satisfying as having cinnamon rolls. In a blender, process half a frozen banana, half cup almond milk, half cup water, one fourth teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one fourth cup oats, and half cup of yogurt. Add ice cubes if desired.

Since mornings are rushed, you can make these smoothies at night and store in the fridge. In the morning, grab some yummy yogurt smoothie on the way as you go about your day.