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A Concise Guide to Purchasing a Microwave Oven

A Concise Guide to Purchasing a Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are a huge blessing if you are looking for a device that can help make popcorn or thaw frozen meat or even defrost your pizza! They are good not only for saving time but also for saving energy as they get the job done quickly. If you are looking to buy a new oven, then you will find that with all the different models and variants available in the market today, the task can be daunting. The questions that haunt you may be which size is appropriate or how much power would it need or even what the difference between a convection and a conventional oven is. If these questions are making your decision to buy a new oven confusing, then read on to get some help in answering them.

Conventional versus convection microwaves

The difference is that a convection microwave works as a normal microwave oven with the added advantage that it can use hot air as well as radiating heat to grill or roast your food. Moreover, a conventional one allows microwaves to radiate through glass containers as well as plastic ones! Convection microwaves are more efficient compared to conventional ones as they are very thorough in cooking. They are good for making pot roasts that are juicy or even to cook thick crust pizzas! Some variants even come with bacon and bread crisping options. Convection microwave ovens are more expensive than the conventional ones; however, they are worth it!

Microwave oven styles

As all things do, microwave ovens come in different styles and sizes. There are four types of microwave ovens that you can choose from. Each has its own pros and cons, and it depends on the user to decide which is most suitable to their needs!

Countertop microwave ovens

These are portable and compact and are good for people who only have small spaces to accommodate an oven. They are very popular for making popcorn, thawing meat, and other simple tasks. They usually require about 500 to 1000 watts of power and are usually priced for less than $100! These are good for people who do not wish to invest a lot of money on the device as well as those who have lesser uses for microwave ovens.

Over-the-range microwave ovens

As the name suggests, these types of microwave ovens are specifically designed to be over the kitchen range! They are not as popular as countertop microwaves mostly because of the exhaust that comes with it. However, newer models have made major improvements in terms of venting the exhaust as well as filtering it! These require quite some space and one may have to use an entire cabinet space to accommodate such a device. The price for these ovens ranges from around $250 to $1,000.

Microwave oven drawers

These types of microwave ovens are relatively new to the market as compared to the other devices mentioned in the list. Most people prefer these because they do not consume a lot of space and it does the job of a traditional oven without any difficulty. While the installation of such a device may not be as easy as installing a countertop microwave, it is easy to use.

Combination microwave-conventional ovens

These are not for people who are looking for economic devices. These microwave ovens are luxury ovens that offer the functionality of both a conventional oven and a microwave. They offer a lot of different designs but most come with stainless steel drop-down doors. These cost around $3,000!

Size and power

If you require a microwave oven that does more than the average job of cooking popcorn, it would be wise to invest in a full-size oven. To cook full meals, a larger microwave with more power is preferred. These may require a power of around 1,000 to 1,600 watts. While it may consume a lot of power, it will heat your food quicker! It is important to check your kitchen space and other requirements before choosing a microwave oven.

This being said, the choice is all yours as to which oven is best suited to fulfill your needs. Feel free to consider all these factors before leaping into the investment of a brand new microwave oven. Happy shopping!