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Amp up your party with the right party chairs
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Amp up your party with the right party chairs

Any party is incomplete without comfortable sitting arrangements. Party chairs come in different styles and all you need to do is find the right kind for you.
Every party requires the right kind of furniture set up. You can either buy new furniture items or rent them. Party chairs are an integral part of the party furniture, as it isn’t a good party without enough place to sit. Renting is a cheaper and an efficient option in comparison to buying the furniture because buying would require extra storage space after the party.
Whether you decide to buy or rent your party chairs, it is important to determine the number of chairs you would need. After deciding the quantity, choosing the type and the quality of the chairs is important. There are different kinds of party chairs to suit each occasion, setup, and theme. Below is a list of the type of party chairs available in the market that you can choose from.

Chiavari chairs
These are false bamboo chairs made from natural wood and in neutral tones. Some chairs also come in pastels or bright colors. These chairs are perfect for a wedding party, as they are simple, elegant, and easy to decorate according to the theme. The neutral tones provide flexibility to add flowers and colors keeping with the theme of the event.

Ghost chairs
These chairs are transparent and are usually made from acrylic. These chairs are perfect for any event as they are completely neutral to look at. Though not the most elegant looking, they can be styled with decorations to fit themes.

Folding lawn chairs
There are wooden chairs that look elegant and are mostly used for weddings. They can be used for other occasions like outdoor baby showers or family get-togethers. They can be embellished with aisle markers or flowers to suit the occasion.

Rattan chairs
These are foldable cane party chairs that suit any occasion, from a birthday party to a bar mitzvah. They provide elegance with the perfect touch of homeliness. They come in various colors from natural to black and can be rented according to the theme of your party.

English garden chairs
These are metallic or iron wrought chairs that are the embodiment of sophistication. They are available in various designs like hearts and scrolls. They add a vintage effect to your party and are perfect for an outdoor family dinner or a wedding. Cushions are a requirement with these party chairs as the metal may be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time.