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Best cars of 2018 for those on a budget

Best cars of 2018 for those on a budget

Finding the best and the new car of 2018 on a budget is a very difficult task. In fact, it encompasses two difficult tasks, the first is finding the best car of 2018 and the second is finding the best specifications when you are on a small budget. Most people have to compromise either on the quality or the price. No one enjoys buying a car that has broken the bank and left no money for fuel. In 2017, a variety of new luxury cars, both sedans, and compact SUVs were launched. Some of these are also ranking high in 2018. Following is a list of best small cars of the year 2018. These cars are best in their class and easy on the pocket.

Honda HR-V subcompact SUV
Every brand has gotten into manufacturing a subcompact SUV to stay in the race. Despite so many subcompact SUV’s in the market, Honda has managed to steer clear towards quality to become one of the best cars of 2018. This car has an above average reliability rating and a solid build quality. The interiors are also best in the class with larger back seats and a plenty of cargo space.

Acura RDX luxury compact SUV
One of the best cars of 2018, Acura RDX has become the most preferred compact SUV because of its pocket-friendly price coupled with luxury-style features. The car also scores high in the safety department and its engine makes for some excellent power for daily driving. According to a survey, people love this car because of its low starting price and less long-term ownership cost.

Kia Soul small car
Kia Soul is a bold car with a bold boxy design that makes it different and good at the same time. The external features of Kia give more height to the interiors paving way for roomy interiors. The car is also loaded with latest gadgets and an engine that is top class for its range.

Honda Odyssey minivan
Odyssey is at the top of best-rated cars of 2018 for its peppy six-cylinder engine, comfortable interiors for the whole family, and an array of gadgets that spoil everyone. To top it all, the price of this car makes it the favorite family car in the country.

Lexus ES luxury midsize sedan car
Lexus ES is an affordable luxury sedan if you are on a small budget. You will feel like you own an expensive luxury vehicle, but the price you pay for this new luxury car will keep you and your bank happy. Lexus ES is a competent family car that gives you fuel economy, ease of driving, and comfortable interiors in a small package.

The above-mentioned vehicles are some of the best-rated cars of 2018. All of these are small-sized and good for a smaller budget.