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Best cell phone carrier providers in the country
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Best cell phone carrier providers in the country

To decide which cell phone carrier is the best, you will need to compare the bill, coverage area, customer service, performance and the extras they offer.

Verizon makes it to the top of the list of the best carrier as it has the widest reach, best customer support and service, and appealing plans, especially the unlimited data that is being offered. All these factors put Verizon ahead. T-Mobile has done well in network speed, customer service, and plans. Users are always looking for discounts to reduce their bills. The best service carrier in this area is Metro PCS. The prepaid carrier has the best service due to T-mobile’s network and attractive plans.

Some of the best cell phone carrier providers have been evaluated here and the key points referred to are the network coverage and speed. Ookla, the speed test app has been used to give relevant information.

  • Verizon is the leader with great network performance, unlimited plans, welcome features, rollover data, tiered plans, and an option to avoid overage fees.
  • The second place goes to T-Mobile as they also have the best plans for unlimited data, with customer perks, and offer for international travelers, good network performance, and customer service.
  • Third place goes to AT&T as they have solid customer service and support. They do have unlimited plans but not like Verizon. The plans are still expensive but the rest of the stuff is up to the mark.
  • T-Mobile, Metro PCS comes fourth as they have a mix of plans for saving money and max data.
  • Sprint comes next as the carrier’s unlimited data plans are priced aggressively.
  • The sixth place is taken by Boost. They have limitations with video, game and music streaming.
  • Next comes Cricket Wireless as they have some good mixed plans. It is hampered by the parent carrier Metro PCS. Although it is part of AT&T, its download speed is limited to 8mbps.
  • Virgin comes in the next place. It is offering iPhone to customers and has only one unlimited plan with restrictions on video, games, and music.
  • The last place goes to Straight Talk as it comes up at the bottom for customer service, plans, special features, and data allotments.