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Some features of Lowes and IKEA kitchen cabinets
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Some features of Lowes and IKEA kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play a significant role in defining the layout of your kitchen area. There are numerous options for kitchen cabinet sizes, styles, and designs available in the market. While standard sized cabinets may not fit your needs, they can be tailored to meet your size and style requirements. Lowes kitchen cabinets are easily customizable. The website offers designs that can be modified to meet your specific needs along with accessories to match your style preferences and organizational needs.

Let us look at some features of Lowes kitchen cabinets and IKEA kitchen cabinets

Stock cabinets

These kitchen cabinets come in some standardized sizes and shapes. This includes blind corner cabinets that adjoin regular, front-facing cabinets at the corner of a kitchen. They are generally used to provide more storage space, similar to the IKEA kitchen cabinets. When you place an order for a stock cabinet, you can expect a same-day delivery from the store. The main setback of stock cabinets is the limited availability of sizes and styles. However, they are a great pick for someone on a budget.

Semi-custom Cabinets

These type of cabinets are built only after you place an order for them. You can make a choice from a selection of sizes and styles. These offer a certain degree of flexibility when compared to stock cabinets as they can be altered to suit your particular requirements. They require a longer lead time to build and are a little more expensive as compared to the IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Custom cabinets

These cabinets are the ones that are constructed by hand to fit almost any standard. They are fit to serve odd-sized or irregular-shaped space in your kitchen. Additionally, with a customized variety of Lowe’s kitchen cabinets, you get to pick out the knobs and pulls, countertops and other display accessories for your new cabinets, thus dictate the look of your kitchen. They are the most expensive variety available at Lowes. Unlike in the case of IKEA kitchen cabinets, Lowe’s also offers the help of design professionals, who can help you see the big picture of your kitchen and help you build one that is best suited for your needs.