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Different types of Dooney bourke purses

Different types of Dooney bourke purses

Dooney and Bourke is a premier name in the fashion industry, mainly known for its skillfully and beautifully crafted purses and bags ranging from a number of styles, different materials and color options. Bags can be bought for a couple of hundred dollars with the basic makes and models to the more expensive ones which can cost you more than $800 also.

Bags are generally classified according to their style which includes the following:

Shoulder bag: A shoulder bag is a simple bag with a long strap, which as the name suggests is slung over the shoulder. Shoulder bags are generally inexpensive and efficient since you can carry a number of items comfortably. The most popular shoulder bags available with Dooney and Bourke include pebble grain small Lexington, Florentine medium satchel, city Flynn, Dillen letter carrier, Patterson leather carrier, Patterson leather Penelope, pebble grain Charleston amongst many others. The basic price range is from $150 to $300.

Tote bag: Tote bag is a large bag which is used for carrying a number of items. This is a slightly bigger version of your normal sized shoulder bag. More space means more efficiency and thus the popular tote bags available with this brand include pebble grain small Lexington, belvedere logo lock tote, patent leisure shipper, patent small shopper, city Flynn, pebble grain Charleston are just some amongst many others. The price range is flexible from less than a hundred dollars to anywhere upwards of $300 to $400.

Crossbody bag: This bag as the name suggests is worn crossbody with the shoulder strap slung over the opposite shoulder, which gives it a particular look and style. Crossbody bags come in a number of shapes and sizes including the most popular available namely nylon crossbody pouchette, belvedere ambler, patent leisure shopper, Cambridge crossbody saddle bag amongst many others. There are a number of offers which can be availed, promo codes, coupon codes and discounts from retail websites and coupon websites.

The materials used for most of these bags is coated cotton, fabric and leather. The price of the product is greatly affected by the type of material used and the method of crafting and designing the product. Dooney and Bourke is a brand which focuses on quality and thus ensures that every bag. Satchel, purse is made from the best materials, crafted by the best designers supervised by experts for the best price.