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Diverticulosis diet – What should you avoid
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Diverticulosis diet – What should you avoid

Diverticulosis is a condition that occurs mostly in adults as they age. It is usually the result of not consuming fiber. When the body is low on fiber, pouches are formed near the colon that create a very painful situation. Without the required fiber intake, the pressure builds on colon wall and after a period of time, balloon like weak points develop in colon which are called as diverticuli. Diverticulosis gets converted to diverticulitis when the pockets become infected.

To avoid the condition to worsen up, you need to know what foods you should avoid.

People suffering from diverticulosis should avoid eating anything that would aggravating the inflammation in the intestinal track. So avoid food products that contain seeds and nuts. Most of all, avoid having corn and corn products such as tortillas, popcorn, corn flour, etc.

There are residues from the grains that may irritate your stomach, so you might want to completely refrain from eating certain set of grains or refined foods such as enriched breads and cereals such as cheerios and rice krispies.

Fruits and vegetables that have hard seeds or skin should be avoided. Fruits and vegetables with such properties can result indigestion of seeds and fruits and vegetable skins. Thus, they will remain in the intestine for a longer period, complicating the condition. Foods to avoid in such conditions include tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, okra, blackberries, kiwi, peppers, and eggplant.

Dairy products are the food products that you should not indulge in. They take longer time to process and digest and can prove to be heavy on the intestines. Whole milk (or full cream milk), whipped cream, or coffee creamers can potentially irritate the stomach if the person is suffering from diverticulosis.

Junk food such as pizza, fried snacks, and greasy cheese laced hamburgers do not fit into high fiber diet and can take be very heavy for the intestine to absorption. People suffering from diverticulosis could aggravate their condition with developing ulcers or developing another diverticulosis episode.

Alcohol and tobacco should also be avoided, generally and also when the person is suffering from diverticulosis. Both of these have the have a good chance of irritating the colon and developing gastric mucosa. Indulging in tobacco and alcohol can result in other health risks as well.

A person who is suffering from diverticulosis or diverticulitis should always consult a doctor as to what food products they can include and avoid to prevent further complications.