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Effective treatments to get rid of fire ants
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Effective treatments to get rid of fire ants

Most ants do not bring with them any kind of danger, however, fire ants are an exception. These ants can leave you with aggressive stings, one that can lead to severe irritation and inflammation on the surface of the skin. Fire ants can infiltrate indoor as well as outdoor spaces and are not just an issue in a particular region, but all around the world.

If you have encountered a space around your home that is now housing fire ants, it is time to take action. Fire ants colonies are extremely difficult to destroy, thus protect yourself before getting onto the task. Also, keep young children and pets away from the area, as sudden outbreak will lead to aggressive stings from fire ants.

  • If you see that the fire ants are making an entry into your home through a hole, which is the most common case, begin by sealing the hole. Put on gloves and spray an organic insecticide at the entry point. Also, spray the same product along the trail of the ants. This will prevent fire ants from entering from now on. Do ensure that the product you use is safe to be used indoors, especially if you have kids and pets who can be easily affected by chemicals.
  • In case the fire ants colony is situated in your garden or backyard, do not go too close and look around if the ants are also present in the bushes. If you walk through these bushes you may be under threat of being stung. Use a powdered insecticide that can be diluted with water and pour the mixture into the mound. This treatment for fire ants can kill the ants that are present in the soil, even underground. This activity will disrupt the habitat of these fire ants from the root.
  • In case you want to go organic, you can use cinnamon spray and spray the same directly along the fire ant trail.
  • Gasoline too can help in eradicating fire ants colonies. It has to be poured into a hole that runs into the ground. However, do note that frequent use of this method can cause harm to the ground and is extremely dangerous if inflamed by, mistake.

Do note that a sting is very painful and thus, avoiding contact is the best way is to maintain distance from these colonies. When working on fire ant treatment or to get rid of these colonies, wear shoes and socks. Also, do not try too hard and call in for pest control help if needed as you do not want to be attacked.