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Elegant ways to furnish your living room
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Elegant ways to furnish your living room

Every living space has a focal point as it’s the first space to encounter while entering one room. Hence purchasing and placing living room furniture sets must be aligned with a focal point. Additional swivel chairs are facing a sofa or moveable stools, and upholstery chairs can be handy to start a conversation. A decent area rug will be enough to ground it and give a comfortable feeling. There are some basic living room furniture sets like couches, chairs, center tables. By keeping the surrounding or theme-based ambiance in mind, you can consider the following list of basic yet elegant living room furniture sets for your living room:

  • Choose a sofa
    Selecting a sofa must include the aspects of overall style other room, durability as well as price. There is a great variety of sofa Models in the market to choose from. Bench Seat sofa depicts one cushion which covers the total area/length of the sofa. Whereas the Camelback sofa comprises a back portion, highest in central or middle part, looking like a camel’s hump. The Tufted style is an upholstery one which utilizes knots for securing fabric parts to the ground and gives a gift of fabric. These are expensive due to its classic appeal. Deck styles Sofas are those sofas where the seat cushion parts rest upon the underneath structure. Rolled Arm sofas have arms which curve at the exterior parts. It’s a traditional style. The loose-cushion style has cushions which are not attached to the base. These are comfortable and easy to clean. Some models have pillow back arranged with tight seat cushions, and some have cushions attached to the deck. Sofa-cum-bed is quite popular which can be set as beds. Square Arm sofas have cushioned arms A sofa style with arms, and these are modern styles. Apart from styles, watch for materials and fabrics such as cotton or linen, wool or microfiber and faux leather, poly blend and leather, etc.
  • Get an upholstered accent chair
    Apart from basic seating chairs, occasional chairs are handy to start an intimate discussion. It’s a great way for adding extra seating places with different designs within a single room. Armchairs may be expensive but a long-term investment band more comfortable than the regular ones. Bigger investment, armchairs are more comfortable than occasional chairs. Beside armchairs, barrel back, club, slipper and wing chairs are also present to select. For drastically different designs of sofa and chairs, you can try throw pillows as per the matching colors to utilize the space. The material can be cotton, linen, poly blend or velvet, silk or microfiber. Recliner chairs are popular along with rockers, gliders swivels and so on.
  • Benches and stools
    Like any other living room furniture sets, stools and benches must be appropriate regarding the style of the room and the way of utilizing the space. There are backless stools that cover less space yet comfortable and good for daily use. Upholstered like high-back stools are costlier than the other existing models and cover more space. Although, heavily comfortable like real dining chairs. Modern or fundamental low tools come without any cushion. In case of these living room furniture sets, storage capacity, portability as well as stain resistance action and durability are most crucial factors.
  • Coffee tables or accent tables
    Wooden, glass or metallic coffee tables are most common, whereas shagreen or mirror and some combinations of wooden and glass tables are popular. You can get oval, circular or square as well as rectangular shaped tables as per your choices.

Keep in mind the matching as well as the space-related aspects while shopping for living room furniture sets.