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Factors to consider while buying toys for children at Meijer’s

Factors to consider while buying toys for children at Meijer’s

Right from the age of 3 months, a child starts interacting with the environment. Young children learn by observing and experimenting with every object they come across. As parents, it is our responsibility to provide them with a rich environment, which promotes development in all areas. Toys are an effective tool to bolster learning and the best toys are those that help your child grow and develop his or her motor and cognitive abilities.

Toys are also an effective tool to cut down screen time. From building vocabulary to analytical thinking, there are toys to meet each of your specific need. In this article, we talk about all the pointers that you should consider before buying a toy for your child.

Age: Select toys according to your child’s age. Most toy manufacturers clearly state the age group for which a particular toy would be most suitable. These ratings are quite reliable and can help you in making an informed decision. Department stores like Meijer have well-cataloged sections for age-appropriate toys.

Area of interest: Every child shows a natural inclination towards some activity. You could make this interest a basis for your choice. For example, if your child is interested in drawing or colors, you can go for art sets, and if he is more inclined towards analytical games, you can think of puzzles or problem-solving toys. If you explore the variety of Meijer toys available in the market, you will find plenty of choices in each category.

Educational toys: Children find it easier to grasp concepts when they are presented in a fun, interactive format. Educational toys spur the creativity and imagination of your child. For older kids, Meijer toys showcase an assortment of brain teasers, word games and memory and logic games. Meijer toys include a range of puzzles, legos, blocks, Lincoln logs, and k’nex, which help in developing a child’s spatial understanding. Puzzle stackers and pegging games available at Meijer are excellent for developing fine motor skills.

Safety: Safety should be your primary concern while selecting a toy, especially for younger kids. Infants and toddlers should not be allowed to play with small toys or toys with small parts, which might come off. As you must already be aware, toddlers are in a habit of putting everything in their mouth, so it is best to opt for non-toxic materials and safe plastics. Furthermore, for younger kids, you should look for toys, which can be cleaned easily.

For older children, some of these points may not be relevant, but you should still be careful. Avoid buying toys with sharp edges or anything with which they could hurt themselves or others, especially while buying guns and darts.

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