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Free antivirus programs – Benefits and drawbacks
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Free antivirus programs – Benefits and drawbacks

When it comes to protecting your online presence a range of antivirus is present in the market. However, the market is full of a number of free antiviruses, and you can choose from numerous best free antivirus programs.

Antivirus which is considered among best free antivirus programs has their distinct advantages and disadvantages, some of which are listed below.

Key advantages of free antivirus programs

The price factor
This is a big unique selling point for an antivirus which makes them rank among best free antivirus programs. Naturally, these antiviruses come for free and are being used by a large number of people. Almost all the free antivirus programs are a basic version of paid antivirus programs and offer a basic range of protection without the user being required to spend money on the same. These free antiviruses offer protection against virus, malware and, in some cases, also provide protection against email hacking. An average internet user can safely rely on these free versions and does not need to upgrade to the paid version.

Free trials in the offering
The free antivirus is also preferred by the users who wish to explore any antivirus before they move on to the paid version. The best free antivirus programs have all the primary features that are available in the paid version. By using the same, the users can test and trial the features before they shift to a higher level. By using free trials, the potential users get a feel of the antivirus and get familiar with the basic features. They will then find using the paid version very easy and will be familiar with the features whenever they decide to get a step higher.

Solid basic protection
A point which has found agreement, even among the critics of free antivirus is that they offer solid basic protection against the virus. A basic computer user can manage well with the use of free antivirus and will perhaps never need to upgrade to the paid version. The idea behind the launch of free version by the companies is to attract new customers to its fold.

Once they find favor with a free version, the paid option is always available. The good thing about free antivirus is that companies never force a user to upgrade to the paid version and it is always left to the judgment of the user if they wish to upgrade to the paid version.

Key Disadvantages of Free Antivirus

Constant prompt for upgrading
A constant issue with free antivirus is that the users are prompted to upgrade to the paid version on a constant basis. Though it is the left to the judgment of the user if they need to upgrade, nagging by antivirus developers is an issue in free antivirus which makes it a limited choice, if the antivirus is to be used on a regular basis.

No real-time customer support
It is true that when a paid version of antivirus is chosen, quality back-end support is always available if the need for the same arises at any point. However, this cannot be said about the free version, and there is no real-time customer support in the same. Dealing with troubleshooting issues gets difficult in case a free version of antivirus is being used. This is a significant limitation of the free version of antivirus which restricts its presence.

No advanced protection
A free antivirus cannot be expected to give advanced protection and through basis online tasks can be accomplished successfully through the use of free antivirus, no advanced security will be in the offering when free antivirus is used.

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