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Free grants and free grant applications in the US

Free grants and free grant applications in the US

The government of the United States of America offers over 900 grant programs through its 26 federal agencies. Free grants are offered to candidates who submit their free grant application in the manner specified, to provide financial aid and partial or full funding in the areas of

  • Business and commerce
  • Arts
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Economic development
  • Rural development
  • Energy
  • Disaster prevention and relief
  • Women and children
  • Minorities
  • Science and technology
  • Education
  • Regional development and more.

Federal grants generally fall into the following categories- block grants, categorical grants, project grants, formula grants and earmark grants.

Block grants are large sums of money made available by the federal government to individual states for their use in specific areas of development.

Categorical grants provide partial funding in clearly specified areas or categories.

Project grants are usually financial aid packages extended to students and research for the purpose of carrying out a research project.

Formula grants provide financial aid and funding as indicated by specific legal injunctions.

Earmark grants are slightly controversial in that they at times bring in the involvement of political lobbyists who are paid by individuals or corporations to secure funding as per the Appropriations of the US Congress. These grants are not awarded through the normal competitive free grant application process.

Some of the websites that offer detailed and systematic guidance on finding all grants available in the USA and also guides you through the free grant application process are;; Some of these websites provide a complete database of funding opportunities, the specific program number, the title of the funding project, the agency that offers the grant, the date of posting and the date on which the application deadline closes. The site also helps you to verify your eligibility criteria for each funding opportunity and guides in filling and filing your free grant application.