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Here’s why Top Knobs is the best in kitchen designing
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Here’s why Top Knobs is the best in kitchen designing

Redesigning or building yourself a new kitchen? Or gifting this special place to a loved one? The heart of every home – the kitchen – is a space you spend time in everyday. Whether you are a passionate culinary artist or a transient hungry visitor, you would no doubt, rummage through kitchen cabinets. Either to remove and use stuff or replace them in the organized shelves of your cooking space, cabinet knobs and pulls are a practical addition to every cupboard in the kitchen.

Contributing a striking presence in the kitchen are designer hardware. Resembling jewelry in its function to finish off a great look, Top Knobs cabinet knobs and pulls are truly a class apart. Their outstanding creativity and design sense that embraces both traditional styles and chic, contemporary trends, appeal to the young and old alike.

Top Knobs & Pulls is a new offering from KE Cabinet Hardware that focuses particularly on the Top Knobs brand of decorative hardware. Specializing on solid, unique styles of knobs and pulls that matches any pattern or design of kitchen, Top Knobs displays hundred of products in a wide variety of finishes.

The option of physically stepping into their Baltimore, Maryland store or going online conveniently at to view and shop for all that your inspiring kitchen cabinets needs, is up to you to decide. But, be assured, that whatever your choice is, you will be bowled over at the quality and standard of products that are displayed at Top Knobs.

Here, every hand-finished piece is hand polished and hand inspected for quality. High grade metals that have a long life, minimal wear, and best finishes are used in manufacturing sturdy, knobs in innovative models. But don’t be surprised when you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while buying these affordable, not so pricey cabinet hardware from Top Knobs.

A leader in this industry, Top Knobs provides life time warranties with enormous confidence for all their products. And, whether you order for one piece or a hundred pieces of knobs for your pet project, taking the responsibility to send each piece individually cushioned and wrapped is a great quality to be satisfied about as a customer.

Also, their free sample program for cabinet hardware and customer friendly return policies are a great incentive to just get into action – start making a list of what you would like from Top Knobs for your kitchen.

Their colossal range of products are available as ready stock at all times for immediate shipment, so if yours is a last minute order, don’t panic. Top Knobs will support you with your wish list.

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