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Which pillow is best for your favorite sleeping position
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Which pillow is best for your favorite sleeping position

Sleeping with the correct pillow is crucial to alleviating neck pain. The right pillow not only elevates your head but also supports the neck and keeps the neck muscles form stressing out. Choosing the best pillows for neck pain is dependent on a number of factors including the person’s size and weight, preferred sleeping position and lifestyle preferences.

Sleeping on your back
A low pillow is ideal for a person who prefers to sleep on his back. If needed a small cylindrical pillow or rolled towel can be used to provide additional support. Some pillows for neck pain are designed with an elevated roll shaped section for the neck and a lower area for the person to place his head. You could also place a pillow under your knees to reduce the strain on your lower back.

Sleeping on your side
A high pillow is ideal in such cases as it places your neck and head in line with your shoulders. Again you could use a cylindrical pillow or rolled towel in addition to your regular pillow to support your neck muscles. Body pillows that mimic the effect of resting your head against your arm on the pillow can also help ease neck pain. You could also place a pillow between our knees while you sleep.

Sleeping on your stomach
Ideally you should avoid sleeping on your stomach if you suffer from neck pain. This is because sleeping in this position arches the back and makes you turn your head thereby stressing the neck muscles. However, if you cannot sleep in any other way, use a flat pillow or avoid using a pillow altogether. Alternatively you could rest your forehead against a pillow so as to raise your head and lift your nose off the mattress. In addition, place a pillow under your abdomen and hips to help maintain the natural curve of the spinal column.

Pillows for Neck Pain: Special Features
When looking for a pillow to ease neck pain you should also consider the following features.

Orthopaedic Pillows
These pillows are also known as cervical pillows and are higher at the area meant to support the neck and lower in the area that will support the head. These pillows are often constructed using memory foam. However, these pillows are not comfortable for everyone. Some people may also find it more comfortable to use the pillow upside down.

Feather Pillows
These are soft pillows that can be easily manipulated to change shape. People who frequently change their position while sleeping often prefer this type of pillow.
Ideally, when you choose pillows for neck pain, pick a pillow that adapts to your body instead of having to adapt your body to the pillow.