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Must-have Topman men shoes for any occasion

Must-have Topman men shoes for any occasion

Since the 1970s, Topman has catered to male fashion and rules the niche market for its products. The clothing and footwear are not only affordable, but are also stylish and creative. When it comes to male fashion styles, people often wonder what is it that you need to look for?

The answer is quality and functionality. Something as simple as a t-shirt should exude a classy yet comfortable vibe. And who can forget shoes? Staple for every man, Topman men shoes are something worth investing in. Topman have a large variety of shoes for your perusal.

All you have to do is to select the occasion formal or casual and you are good to go! Here are a few staple Topman men shoes that you need to have in your closet.

Loafers are the in footwear option for every season. Their ankle length tops make them suitable for casual as well as formal settings. Topman offers classic and quirky designs that you can alter depending on where you are. For example, if it is a business meeting, you can wear patent black loafers with socks and trousers for a sleek look. But if it’s a lunch scene with your buddies, you can try out the beige faux suede tassel loafer. Pair it up with jeans and a casual white button-down shirt to complete the look. And if you don’t mind experimenting, you can even buy red or blue velvet loafers for a snazzy dance party!

Many of us prefer flip flops when it comes to slip-on shoes. But if you are someone who frolics on a beach or pool side during summer, Topman offers excellent choices of sliders. The good thing about sliders is that they are completely made of rubber. So you can get them wet and not worry about it. Also, drying them out in open can keep them free from odor. Sliders are easy maintenance and you can choose different materials too. Topman offers different styles depending on where you are going to use them. A pair of sliders, thus, can be your summer staple!

Boat shoes
Topman offers boat shoes made by Sperry, a leading brand in footwear industry. Initially, dock workers wore boat shoes as they had rubber soles for better grip. They have now become a casual footwear option. You can buy boat shoes and use them when you know you will be mostly on a wet surface through the day. These shoes are not for rough terrain but look good if you are on a beach, poolside, or just at a cafe with friends. Shop Sperry boat shoes on Topman, in brown color with handmade construction.

These shoes are what you need to have in your wardrobe. So pick one from the wide range that Topman offers and rock it!

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