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Organic Memory Foam Mattresses And The Reasons To Buy One
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Organic Memory Foam Mattresses And The Reasons To Buy One

Everybody has the right to enjoy a good night’s sleep every day. It should not be a luxury to be able to sleep properly but a necessity. And it is also important to ensure that you are not sleeping on something that contains a mix of flame retardants and toxic chemicals leading to long-term diseases, respiratory problems, and skin irritations. Hence, here is a list of some of the best names manufacturing memory foam mattresses but there is a twist. The list includes the names of only those brand or manufacturers that offer eco-friendly, sustainable and organic memory foam mattresses.

Cariloha is offering a collection of mattresses, apparel, and bedding by turning self-replenishing into soft bamboo fabrics. You get to enjoy soft, clean, cool, and green bamboo in the form of these merchandises. Their products are not only renewable and sustainable but extremely soft and hypoallergenic. The memory foam mattress offered by this brand is super-soft, breathable and perfect for a good night’s sleep. Hence, it is highly recommended.

  • Mattress Type – Natural bamboo memory foam
  • Attributes – Natural bamboo foam, 10-year warranty, free shipping, 100-day trial
  • Price – Approximately $1100 (Queen)

Loom & Leaf
This is Saatva’s memory foam mattress line. Their mattresses are of high quality and can be compared to a brand like Tempur-Pedic and iComfort but are available at a fraction of their prices. These mattresses are made with eco-friendly, plant-based materials and crafted in the homeland of our country. The company has been donating their mattresses to high-need organizations as well around the country. Loom & Leaf mattresses are delivered and set-up in the customers’ homes.

  • Mattress Type – Memory foam
  • Attributes – Eco-friendly, American made, in-home setup, 120-day trial, can be given to charity
  • Price – Approximately $1099 (Queen)

Live & Sleep
Live & Sleep is known for offering hypoallergenic, super-comfortable, dust mite resistant and antibacterial mattresses. They are eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified as well. This company uses open-cell memory foam technology in the manufacturing of their memory foam mattresses. This allows the air to flow and keeping the mattress cool as well as comfortable for a good night’s sleep. They firmly believe that gases, toxins, and chemicals should be kept away and left out of your sleep and your mattress.

  • Mattress Type – Memory foam
  • Attributes – Natural materials, give back program, eco-friendly production, 30, 75 and 100-day trials, 2-day free shipping
  • Price – Approximately $799 (Queen)

Why buy organic and eco-friendly memory foam mattresses?
There are so many reasons for everybody to switch to using everything organic and natural. The same is applicable for using mattresses as well.

  • Well, the first thing would be your health. When you sleep on organic, eco-friendly, sustainable and naturally made mattresses, you are going to enjoy a peaceful, stress-free sleep. You need not worry about the toxins entering your body which is a reality when you sleep on mattresses made of synthetic and chemical-induced materials.
  • Organic and natural mattresses are biodegradable. Thus, when you do not have any use left for the mattress, you can dispose of it without having a guilt feeling. Moreover, you can also donate the mattress to any charitable organization.
  • Another reason to buy organic mattresses is that they are affordably priced. This is not something you can put away from buying citing high-cost. They are available almost in the same range as other regular memory foam mattresses. Even if they are priced a little higher, they are worth the expenditure.
  • They come with long trial period and warranty just like any other mattress. Thus, you get to return it as well if you do not like it which is not a possibility though.
  • Organic mattresses are far more comfortable and softer as well than other mattresses.

Organic memory foam mattresses are available online. Thus, there is nowhere you need to go to buy it. It will get delivered to your doorstep and you get to experience something extremely comfortable and good for the health as well.