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Orthopedics: Popular hospitals in the US
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Orthopedics: Popular hospitals in the US

The popularity of a hospital is principally the quality of the medical skills and the expertise of the of the doctors, the nursing staff, and other interpersonal transactions, with the medical expertise and skills certainly ranking the highest. There are innumerable institutions in the US that are the envy of many in the rest of the world. It is futile to attempt to list them in this sort of a write-up. Here are some of the better-known, popular ones for orthopedic surgery, listed in no particular order. The one common thread among them all, however, is the high level of quality of expertise, skill, and knowledge that they possess, backed by some of the best universities and their commitment to patient well-being.

Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY: Considered as one of the best in all respects. They have a very interesting motto which reads œWhere the world comes to get back in the game. This speaks volumes of them, and they also happen to be one of the oldest in the country. They have nine other institutions serving the east coast.

Hospital for Joint Diseases, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY: Their field of expertise is vast enough to include rheumatology and orthopedic surgery and all ailments and injuries that affect movement. They care for children and dancers too.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA: They have great concern for patient safety. Sports injuries are their specialty. Another remarkable feature is their large nursing staff and patient service.

Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopedic Hospital, Los Angeles, CA: A top class hospital with medical experts backed by one of the best research institutes in the world and a large highly skilled nursing staff. Great patient service is their forte.

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD: A world renown expert in orthopedic surgery heads the team at John Hopkins. The field of services includes orthopedic, pediatric orthopedic, orthopedic oncology, sports injuries, and spine surgery among others.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA: One of the leading hospitals in the country, it has excellent orthopedic services. They have contributed in a very big way to the treatment of osteoporosis. It is one of the leading places for osteoporosis treatment.

Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL: They are one of the best hospitals for ACT repair and cartilage repairs and also have some of the best orthopedic surgeons for repairing ACT and also for cartilage repair. The hospital is renowned for its medical expertise and professionalism.