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Popular nursing schools

Popular nursing schools

A degree offered by nursing schools equips students with the skills to provide quality patient care. Being one of the highest paying majors, it provides opportunities to graduates and ensures that they are fully prepared to enter this fast-paced and ever-evolving field.

Here is a list of nursing schools that offer some of the best courses on nursing programs that help students prepare for a rewarding career in the medical field.

  • Rush University
    The Rush University at Chicago, Illinois offers online nursing programs that provide flexible opportunities for pursuing the degree part-time. It is among the top five universities across the country that offers six graduate nursing specialties.
  • Louisiana State University
    The Louisiana state university offers bachelor’s and master’s and doctor’s programs that allow students to specialize in the fields of adult health nursing, family practice nursing, and nursing science.
  • University of Michigan
    The University of Michigan offers a variety of master’s programs that includes specialization in maternal health, child health, neonatal nursing, and geriatric nursing. It has a 1.2 million square feet of research space and the research budget of $1 billion. The nursing school has over 12,000 living alumni.
  • New York University
    The BSN program of New York University has 400 graduates annually. The school offers a dozen of graduate nursing programs. It has new facilities on the fifth avenue, and it has the eighth-highest level of research funding from the National Institute of Health.
  • University of Pennsylvania
    The Penn University is the only Ivy league institution that offers a baccalaureate nursing degree. Nearly 150-180 students graduate from the BSN program annually. Students studying at Penn university have access to several world-class hospitals. Two of them are in the vicinity of the school.
  • John Hopkins University
    The nursing school has a diverse body of 1200 students, with a healthy mix of both full-time and part-time enrollees. Around 250-350 students graduate from the university’s BSN program. The university also provides MSN degree, doctor of nursing practice (DNP), doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in nursing, and graduate certificate programs.