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Rattan furniture – The new entry in the business of furnishing

Rattan furniture – The new entry in the business of furnishing

The craze for Rattan garden furniture primarily began in the luxurious five-star graded properties. Furniture, both outdoor and indoor, began to be seen in hotels, clubs, and private apartments. The external appearance gave a classy look to the environment it was put into, and since a variety of colors were possible as options, it meant that this kind of furniture could be placed in any type of surrounding. The material, when looked from afar, shows off the natural color and adds to the effect of the room it is kept in. And it is only when observed up close that you get to know the detailing in it.

According to its meaning, Rattan is a term used for various species of climbing palm which would be used for decor, household accessories, and of course furniture. Rattan was once thought to be a not-so-ideal material for furniture, but the practice of using it came about from tribal research. Over the centuries, different tribes in and around regions where these kinds of palms grew tried and tested the different ways in which structures can be formed, taking the easily adaptable properties to their advantage to make furniture. The term best used is wicker, which is the word for types of furniture woven from cane like material, rattan being one of them.

In the latter half of the century, rattan has increasingly been a material of choice for someone who is looking for a natural and eco-friendly material to fill their living spaces with. With the advent and growing popularity of garden furniture, especially patio furniture, rattan became a front runner among the materials which already were being used for other forms of furnishing for years. With the growing demand, the smallest to the biggest of cottage industries responsible to build these structures got a business boost and increased employment in the rural areas by a huge percentage.

The natural rattan, once sourced from the frame, is treated with solutions to make it weather resistant and easy to maintain. Known for its strength and low maintenance nature of material, rattan soon became a favorite amongst customers and was a common sight in almost every household then as well as in recent times, in every garden and patio in our neighborhood.

With the entire globe coming together in the “go-green and go eco-friendly revolution,” rattan does help towards taking that step. In an industry that has been evolving as never before, rattan is an ace of a material that the adults depend upon and the youngsters like for its comfort and style.

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