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Reasons behind the popularity of accounting degrees

Reasons behind the popularity of accounting degrees

An accountant is needed in every organization irrespective of the business it does. The job of an accountant usually involves critical duties that include maintenance of financial statements and evaluation of the main economic activities in an organization. The task of providing this information to all important stakeholders in an entity is also carried out by the team of accountants.

People intrigued by this interesting job profile often end up choosing a course in accounting at some point in their careers. Accounting degrees vary from entry level to executive level, involving some of the toughest courses selected by students across the world.

With the growing importance of accountants across different industries and accountants becoming the backbone of respective organizations, students opting for accounting degrees from tier one colleges can find jobs in public, private and also non-profit industries.

Job profiles such accounting clerk, auditing clerk and accounting assistant are considered worthy of the investment that goes in obtaining one of the many equivalent accounting degrees from a reputed institution. This stand can be further strengthened statistically. According to a leading website, the demand for accountants and, in turn, accounting degrees is expected to grow by 11 percent during the period 2014-2024.

Obtaining a degree in accounting is not all about critical work profiles or mind-boggling respect in the industry, it does bless you with decked-up rewards as well. Accounting degrees, when earned from a recognized university, can land you a handsome package. In fact, in 2017, the starting pay of an accountant is around $45,000. The figure is as astonishing as the growing number of accountants employed across various industries.

Apart from monetary benefits, accountants also achieve a great deal of job satisfaction by being competent enough to handle money matters efficiently. It is a known fact that being responsible for the financial side of the business can be a stressful pursuit, however, once handled well, it can give accountants a feeling of fulfillment.