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Red flags to look for while buying used motorhomes

Red flags to look for while buying used motorhomes

Buying a used motorhome is profitable in terms of monetary benefit as well as trusted performance as the buyer knows what is there and they can assess it visually when compared to a new motorhome that is made by order. Although going to a dealer may seem a good deal for getting the advantage of warranty, private sales can be real savers too, provided the buyer knows what they need to check for thoroughly to ensure the sale isn’t fraudulent.

Here’s a fail proof mini checklist that can indicate any red flags during a sale:

  • Always buy at the seller’s residence and make sure to double check the authenticity of the documents.
  • Go as a group of two or more with people who know about motorhome because if as a buyer you miss something, your accomplice if a mechanic or an observant person would give you a better assurance that you’re making the right deal.
  • Check the HPI records thoroughly to ensure that the motorhome is not stolen, and is also not one that is being sold as an insurance write-off.
  • Check for the common dampness problem. Taking a professional would aid with this because tackling a motorhome that is severely dampened will cost you more to repair. And make sure the seller’s price tag reflects the defect.
  • Use a motor-technician or a trusted mechanic to help you check the vehicle under the hood. Check also the details and accessories like the windows, the infotainment system, the light system, and wiring, etc.
  • Check your insurance cover and test drive the motorhome so that any apparent engine issues or performance components do not give you any unwarranted hardness while driving.
  • Check the kitchen space and see what kind of gas, electrical, or combination work has been done. Running a thorough check through the appliances will save the cost of replacement if left unchecked and also provide an insight into the seller’s vehicle maintenance.
  • Check the washrooms including the plumbing works as a badly maintained vehicle will deter the whole vehicles performance.