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The advantages of buying a used Lexus ES SUV

The advantages of buying a used Lexus ES SUV

If you are looking to buy a used Lexus SUV, a model that has been a repeated favorite both with used car dealers and buyers is the Lexus ES with all the models released between 2009 and 2012 faring very well in the used Lexus sales category.

Among its plus points is a well appointed cabin space that offers passengers a smooth and pleasant drive.

Some of the standards featured on the Lexus ES include leather upholstery an electronically powered sun roof that gives you the benefit of enjoying a different weather, dual zone automatic climate control and ten-way power adjustable front seats.

Given that the Lexus ES hit the market at a price tag of US$ 340,00 and more, the fact that it is currently available in the used Lexus SUV market for approximately US$ 110,00 makes it affordable for many who cherish dreams of owning a Lexus SUV.

In its specific class, the Lexus ES is well known for being an upscale model that offers multiple luxuries to the driver and passengers.

The Lexus ES can seat 5 persons and offers in city mileage of 19 miles per gallon and close to 27 miles per gallon on the highway. It provides a very smooth acceleration with many users stating in their reviews that one may not even realize that one is speeding when driving the Lexes ES.

It’s refined and high powered V 6 engine provides for a smooth ride. The engine provides 272 horsepower and good acceleration. However, despite its luxury car status, its performance cannot compare with some other luxury sports SUVs and cars that are designed for sportier driving experiences.

The four wheel suspensions and very well designed shock absorbs offer a very gentle riding experience even when the car encounters a bumpy road.

The Lexus ES has a trunk space of about 14.7 cubic feet to stow cargo. On the down side, when compared to other cars in its class, the Lexus ES scores slightly less in terms of safety.