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Things to consider while picking second hand bikes

Things to consider while picking second hand bikes

It is said that the best way to feel stylish on a budget is to buy second hand. Buying things that are already used has always been a good way to save a few dollars. Such a saving, however, comes with its risks. If you are looking to buy second hand or pre-owned bikes, the risk is likely to get multiplied. It is important therefore, to be doubly sure and go through a process of rechecks when buying a pre-owned bike. Such a measure ensures that you don’t buy into someone else’s negligence! Here are some basic precautions that you must employ to reduce the risks involved in second hand deals.

Be sure you ask a lot of questions. One of the most fundamental questions that needs to be asked is why the owner wants to dispense with their prized possession. Only proceed further, if the answer to this very important and crucial question sounds fully genuine and satisfactory. If the owner sounds touchy or visibly conscious, be sure to end the deal. This question will open up a box of other questions that you must ask to be convinced that your deal isn’t a risky one. Delve deeper into the usage history. Whether parts of your bike had been previously changed. If changed, what parts were they and when exactly did they last service their bike? Answers to these questions would help you understand a great deal about the actual working condition of the bike. Another important concern to beware of is whether the bike for sale has ever been crashed or in any accident. If you find anything shady about the answers, ditch their bike immediately. Since checking over a bike for damage requires experience, you could find stores or specialists that engage in such pursuits for a small fee. If this option doesn’t work for you, you could try checking for apparent flaws. It is rather important that the bike you buy has a sound and flawless frame. To ensure this, you could check for any obvious dents, scratches or visible damages and even chips. Even a small crack in a carbon frame can lead to fatal results. If you are checking an alloy bike, be sensitive to corrosion stemming from rust or paint bubbling. Tires are most likely to be in the best condition, since replacing them is inexpensive and easy. Most tires have a small hole in the center of the tire indicating some wear and tear. If no such signs are visible it means there is no tread left and they need to be replaced. Be sensitive to unusual movement and squeaky noises. If the bike that is up for sale happens to make unusual noises, it means it has a story to tell. This story may be about the bike being poorly maintained. Suspension in bike is another area that is affected by daily wear and tear. It is also worth questioning whether the suspensions had ever been replaced, repaired or changed.

Once all of the above is checked and considered, you could probably get an expert to check the parts. Make sure you only proceed further with price negotiations once you are thoroughly convinced that all is well with the bike. It is always wise to be sure that you don’t save some only to pay a bigger price later! If getting a basic bike and saving on the extra buck is your only criteria, make sure that you choose wisely!

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