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Things to Know about Nintendo 2DS Versus Nintendo 3DS

Things to Know about Nintendo 2DS Versus Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld game manufactured by Nintendo, which released in October 2013. Nintendo 2DS is entry-level games of the Nintendo 3DS. This has an almost same hardware, functions, and compatibilities like Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. You can play all games of Nintendo 3DS on Nintendo 2DS. However, Nintendo 2DS cannot play stereoscopic 3D games; this is the only feature that differentiates both games.

One of the biggest advantages with Nintendo 2DS is its pricing. It is available at an affordable price, which makes this game quite popular among gamers. It costs around $129.99, which makes it very convenient to buy. The Nintendo 2DS has a long battery life of 3.5 to 6.5 hours. It has a tablet-shaped design. Moreover, it is lightweight and comfortable to handle.

Nintendo 2Ds includes the following components and accessories.

  • Stylus
  • Battery
  • Six AR cards
  • 4GB micro SDHC card
  • AC adapter

The various significant features of the Nintendo 2DS include the following.

  • Unique design: Nintendo 2Ds has a compact and comfortable design, which is very easy to carry everywhere.
  • Headphone jack: The headphone jacks let you enjoy the games in stereo.
  • Wireless connectivity: This lets you play games multiplayer mode via a wireless connection.
  • 2D gaming: The 2DS system supports all DS games and games that are compatible with Nintendo 2Ds and Nintendo 3Ds games.
  • XL screen: Nintendo 2DS has 82% bigger screen than 3DS.
  • Ergonomic, folding design: It is easy to store due to its foldable design.
  • Circle pad: Nintendo 2DS has a circle pad, which allows 360-degree control.
  • C stick: This control stick is perfect for slight movements.
  • ZL/ZR and L/R button: Nintendo 2DS has two sets of buttons for control actions.
  • Touchscreen: It has a sensitive touchscreen that can be controlled with a stylus.
  • NFC reader: Nintendo 2DS has near field communication feature.

Nintendo 2Ds has a lot of built-in software which makes the game more interesting and joyful. Software available with this game include the following.

  • Mii maker: This is to create various characters based on you, your family, and friends.
  • Mii Plaza: This is to play with the character created by different gamers.
  • Theme shop: This is to select different themes for the home screen or menu.
  • Nintendo eShop: This is to download games and entertainment.
  • Internet browser: This is for browsing the Internet for new updates for every game.
  • Included games: This is to play games like Face Raider and AR games.
  • Nintendo 3Ds sound: This is to listen to music as well as to record and play sounds.
  • Activity log: This is for tracking each game’s physical and play activity.