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Things to remember before investing in a dishwasher

Things to remember before investing in a dishwasher

With the kind of fast-paced life each of us is currently leading, a dishwasher can be considered as a sensible investment. Investing in the right dishwasher needs some research and homework on the part of a buyer. People usually focus more on the price and neglect the other important aspects of the product while buying. However, one needs to pay attention to it is the features since these help determine whether you are opting for the right deal.

When charting among the list of top 10 best dishwashers to consider, there are several questions and doubts that haunt the buyers. Here are some of the things to consider before you set out to buy a dishwasher.

Before Buying Dishwasher
Selecting a dishwasher is governed by the amount of time it takes to complete a cycle, the noise it makes, the space it requires, and lastly whether it conserves energy and water. Here are some of the important tips that might be helpful while investing in a dishwasher.

Your budget will decide the type and brand of the dishwasher. Some of the best top 10 best dishwashers are budget-friendly and very affordable. Brands like Frigidaire and Kenmore have good consumer reports in terms of performance and cleaning, which are featured as the best dishwashers of 2017.

Where the dishwasher is to be placed in the kitchen says a lot about your choice. Due to the space crunch, some prefer over the counter, whereas some prefer under-the-counter ones. Many brands have come up with both options for their buyers. Then there are drawer dishwashers for those who want the convenience of pull-out drawers.

Energy conserving
Consumers prefer dishwashers which are Energy Star Certified. This helps to conserve the energy by approximately 14 percent and even reduce water use by 23 percent. Almost all top 5 dishwashers carry energy saver tags. This certificate can reduce the electricity and water bills to some reasonable extent.

Dishwashers are available in two sizes – standard and compact. Standard models are 24” wide and compact are 18” wide. Before deciding to buy a dishwasher, one should take the exact measurement of under the counter or over the counter space where the dishwasher has to be placed. Be sure to confirm with the dealer about the height adjustability before buying.

Noise Levels
The quieter the dishwasher, the more expensive it is. Noise levels are important, especially if the dishwasher is placed near a bedroom, which can disturb your sleep or peace. Usually, stainless steel shelves and body make lesser noise compared to an all plastic body.

Wash Cycles
A normal wash cycle in the top 5 dishwashers ranges anywhere between 80 to 150 minutes. But again, washing, cleaning, and drying times depend on the models. Longer wash cycles do not mean that the cleaning is more efficient as compared to shorter cycles.

Dirt Sensors
All the top 10 best dishwashers come with Dirt sensor technology that cuts the stubborn food stains. This feature adjusts the water consumption based on the dirt and soil floating in the water.

Control panels
Some of the high end best dishwashers of 2017 have a lot of hidden control panels like a LED display that tells the time left for a cycle for the finish. These controls are not visible until you open the dishwasher. How important are these controls for you? The more controls any dishwasher has, the more expensive it tends to get.

Extra Features
Some top end models come with fancy features like the third rack for a bigger family, height adjustable upper racks, flip down shelves to accommodate more dishes, pots, and pans, whereas the top 10 dishwashers are equipped with separate flatware baskets. Gauge your requirement and decide accordingly.

Food disposal
This is an important criterion before you splurge on a fancy dishwasher. Does your dishwasher require pre-soaking or rinsing the dishes before placing in the dishwasher? The best dishwashers have self-cleaning filters which automatically cleans the food particles whereas others have manual cleaning.

Keeping these points in mind, now you can buy your new dishwasher with better features that suit your requirements.