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Tips to Help You Select the Right Car Covers

Tips to Help You Select the Right Car Covers

Car covers are essential for protecting the car from various external elements and disturbances. Whether you have a compact car or an SUV, you need a car cover for it. But selecting the right car cover is essential to derive its benefits to the maximum possible extent. Car covers protect cars from various external elements and disturbances. There are different external elements like weather, animals, kids, rain, snow, sunlight, bird droppings etc, which can affect the car’s external appearance. You can guard against these elements by securing the vehicle with a car cover. In fact, you can get a car cover irrespective of the type of car you have.

Even if you have an SUV or a crossover, you can get a cover for it. But you need to know what kind of material you need to buy when it comes to car covers so that these can protect your car from all possible disturbances. Let us look at individual external elements and the material needed to protect your car from it.


The most popular reason for purchasing car covers is to protect the car from various weather elements. The UV rays of the sun can damage the paint on your car and also crack the rubber door seals. It can also damage the interior of the car. This necessitates sun protection for your car. So car covers must be made of UV resistant material to prevent damage due to these rays.

Rain and snow

Excessive moisture precipitation resulting from rain or snow can damage the finishing of cars. To protect cars from precipitation, you need an efficient water repellent material in car covers. However, being water repellant only will not serve the purpose. In fact, some good quality water repellent material may even damage the car paint.
Moisture may build up inside car covers if there is rain or snowfall for a long time. If the moisture does not get a route to escape, it may start affecting the car surface. This may damage the paint as well as the door seals. That is why the material should be breathable as well. This ensures that moisture does not get trapped inside car covers.

Bird droppings and pollen

It is a common experience to see your car littered with bird droppings if you park the car under a tree for a long time. The same can happen with pollens. To prevent this, you need car covers which are machine washable. You just need to wash the cover, not the car as a whole.

Kids, pets, and curious adults

Kids may unwittingly make a dent or scratch on the car body. Neighborhood kids may bump their scooters or cycles into your car, or may just decide to race past it. In both instances, a dent or at least a scratch is a real possibility. This is not to say that only kids and pets can cause such damage. Even curious onlookers or pedestrians can damage your car, even if not deliberately. A distinct hand impression is enough to spoil the look of your shiny SUV or sedan. So get thick car covers which can protect your car against neighbors or damaging forces.


Rodents like squirrels and mice love to hang out on and inside cars if they get a chance. They can wreak havoc if they ever get a chance to go inside. They can litter the car surface with dirt, poop, and hair, and even damage the door seals. You can easily prevent this with thick car covers. This may deter adventurous rodents from exploring your car.

Size of car covers

Car covers need to fit your car perfectly. Oversized covers won’t be able to protect the car as efficiently as those which are just apt for the size.
Selecting suitable car covers depends on various parameters. If you abide by all the rules, you can get the best car covers. This can protect your vehicle from almost every form of external elements or disturbances.