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Tips to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Under Control
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Tips to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Under Control

To maintain a healthy body, it is essential to keep up with the normal levels of blood sugar. Any spike in the sugar levels can result in a lot of issues in the body. While the easiest way to maintain normal levels of blood sugar is to keep the body active, in case of any increase in the levels, you must consult a doctor to know the best possible ways and means to control the same. A discrepancy in the blood sugar levels occurs when the body is not able to break down the sugar in the blood to the cells that help convert it into energy.

What are the normal blood sugar levels?
To decipher the increase in the normal levels of blood sugar, you must make sure that you understand what the normal blood sugar levels are. As per doctor recommendation, a blood sugar test is done in two phases namely the fasting phase and the one after meals. Blood sugar levels ranging below 100mg/dL when you are fasting are considered as normal; moreover, after meals, a level of 140mg/dL or lower two hours after eating your first meal is considered as normal. Having done the tests, if you find any changes in the normal blood sugar levels, you must immediately consult a doctor to know about the next steps.

Tips to avoid changes in blood sugar levels
Once you have understood what normal blood sugar levels are, you should make sure that your body stays within the normal blood sugar range. Here are some of the listed tips that will help keep blood sugar levels in check.

Include nuts in your diet For keeping the average blood glucose levels in check, you should include various types of nuts in the diet. Have almonds, walnuts, and pistachios in recommended quantity every day.

Eating whole grain – Blood glucose levels can be controlled if you ingest whole grains in your diet every day. They have high levels of soluble fiber that help in keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Carefully choose the vegetables – Look for high fiber vegetables like broccoli, cucumber, and carrot that help in flushing out excess sugar from the body. With regular use of these, the levels on the blood sugar chart will remain constant.

Exercise well – It is vital to exercise for at least half hour every day if you wish to keep the blood glucose levels chart consistent. With a vigorous cardio workout, you can maintain the blood sugar levels

You can follow the above tips to ensure to maintain normal blood sugar levels.