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Top 10 homemade dog and puppy food

Top 10 homemade dog and puppy food

Regular commercial dog foods are not always good for your pooch. They contain meat by-products, fillers and general junk harmful for the dogs. On the other hand the organic dog foods and treats are very expensive. The best alternative is to prepare homemade food to keep your dogs healthy. Following are some of the best homemade dog food ideas.

Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut butter is a hot favorite for dogs, and through these cookies you will be able to feed your dog with some fish oil too. This will make the dog’s coat healthy and shiny. If you do not get organic peanut butter in any shop you can make it at home using raw peanut, peanut oil and mixing it in a food processor.

Chicken Jerky
Homemade chicken jerky acts as the substitute for the raw hides brought from the market. The chicken contains protein which is essential for your dog’s muscles. Moreover it is tough and chewy which makes the dog stay busy for a while.

Frozen Yogurt Pops for Dogs
Made up of yogurt, fruit juice and carrots this frozen treat is very healthy for your pet. If your pup loves ice cubes, then this is the best food for him. You can use non-fat yogurt if you do not want your pup to consume too much fat.

Fruit and Vegetable Strips
Organic chewy treats bought from the market can be replaced with these strips. You can easily tear them up so you can serve them into pieces. The fruits and vegetables serve vitamins, good for their immune system.

Beef and Vegetable Balls
Sometimes your dog may prefer to have meaty treats over sweet treats. These meat balls have a delicious smell and a meaty flavor, favored by all dogs.

Turkey and Vegetable Dinner
Turkey contains protein and the vegetables contain added vitamins and minerals. Altogether it will be a very healthy and tasty dish to make your pet happy. Moreover turkey contains less fat than beef.

Chicken Casserole
Again a rich source of protein that is chicken mixed with vegetables to add vitamins and a good flavor to the recipe. You can use green beans which will help in keeping your dog’s intestinal tract healthy.

Doggie Chili
To be healthy and active your pet needs tons of proteins. Large amount of meat and beans can fulfill the need of protein.

Beef Stew
This replaces the wet commercial dog foods. It has protein-rich meat, vitamin-rich vegetables, and gravy for flavor.

Fruit Parfait for Dogs
Your pet may also want desserts sometimes. This tasty parfait, a mixture of dairy and fruits, is also rich in vitamins and proteins.

You can choose the best small breed dog food, puppy food, and dog food from the options given above.