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Top 3 Cars Available at Affordable Rates

Top 3 Cars Available at Affordable Rates

It is very difficult to find a brand-new car that costs less than $10,000. However, there are a plenty of older model cars that will come in this budget and are better than some of the latest models that are currently available in the market. These cars have been the top cars of their own times and they still have a spark in them that will give you a luxurious ride in your own budget. Following is a list of cheap cars that are available for sale for under $10,000.

  • Honda Fit- 2009 Model
    Honda Fit is was one of the top cars of 2009. Back then, it was considered the best compact car in the market. It comes with a 1.5-liter engine which was a new thing back then and has a lot of passenger space along with a cargo space that is versatile. It scores well on safety scales and it has one of the best mileage in its segment. A Honda Fit will give you a mileage of 28 in the city limits and you may expect it to go up to 35 on the highways. On the price front, you should be able to take home a Honda Fit between $7,700 and $9,500.
  • Suzuki SX4- 2010 Model
    Suzuki SX4 is an all-wheel drive that you is available for sale under $10,000. This car was considered one of the top affordable cars in 2010 and even today, if you buy it, you will get the best value for your money. SX4 has plenty of headroom even for the tallest of the passengers and has a good cargo space for family trips. Mileage wise, this car performs really well by giving you a 25 MPG in the city limits and a good 32 MPG on the highways. You may expect to pay anywhere between $5000 and $8,700 for this car.
  • Scion xD- 2010 Model
    This car is an excellent buy if you like a decent engine power along with a good mileage. Fitted with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, it churns out 128 Horsepower of energy for your car. With this kind of hp, this car manages to provide you with a mileage of 27 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. This car was well-known for its maneuverability and stability control in 2010. If you come across any cheap cars for sale, you may check this one out, which is currently priced between $8,700 to $8,900.
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