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Types of Bunn coffee maker

Types of Bunn coffee maker

Coffee makers from Bunn come in great styles and designs. Each of these products have been designed to provide great brewing experience to the users. The chrome finish in many products helps in quick brewing of your beverage. Are you also looking to buy the best Bunn coffee maker? You can choose your product from among these machines:

Bunn 133000.0001 VP17-1SS Coffee brewer: This kitchen appliance can brew four gallons of coffee in an hour. It is built like a complete tank, has a warming tank and is suitable for small restaurants. Since it is compact, you can buy it for personal use as well. This bunn coffee maker is ideal for those places that see low to medium demand for coffee, such as churches.

BUNN BT: If you want your coffee maker to be flexible, then buy the BUNN BT model, which has a thermal carafe and helps in keeping your coffee warm.

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee brewer: This coffee making machine is preferred by those who want drip coffee and want things fast, but simple. One of the best drip coffee makers, this BUNN product combines trust and design. This coffeemaker can brew 50 Oz. of coffee at a given time and contains a glass carafe. It also has an internal water tank that keeps the coffee warm. Another plus point of this bunn coffee maker is that it has a single touch operation.

BUNN MCU Single Home Cup brewer: This coffee brewer has been around for quite some time and has been top rated by many users. This machine can be used with K-Cups, pods and ground coffee. You can use this brewer for dispensing hot water too. While it is essentially a coffee maker, you can use it to make great teas as well. If you have guests at your place, the BUNN MCU can brew 14 Oz. of coffee in just under a minute. Use its Pulse’ button to make a stronger coffee. Fitted with a tank, this machine can brew coffee for several years. A word of caution to the new buyers please shut this Bunn coffee maker off when not in use because it does not have an energy saving mode.


Bunn coffee brewers are available in several configurations. A single cup machine is just right for you, if you want one cup of coffee at a time. Multi cup brewers are useful to those who want 2 or more cups of coffee at a given time. A Velocity Brew is that machine which makes coffee for NOW.

Advanced Technology

If you want to buy products that are high on technology, then you may consider these models:

Trifecta MB5: This coffee maker has a perfectly crafted cup and is armed with 5-infusion settings.

Trifecta MB: It has 25 different settings and gives you an awesome coffee.