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Want an electric ranger here are your options

Want an electric ranger here are your options

There are a number of reasons why you can opt for a Polaris electric ranger vehicle:

The Polaris ranger vehicles have a strong 30HP motor featuring a 48V AC motor which is clean and quiet but at the same time more efficient and extends the range. An all-wheel drive option that makes it a safe and stable ride with more traction control, good leading and towing payload capacity. The base models not only look good on the outside, but also feature an array of comforts on the inside with ideal seat height, extra wide feet clearance and spilt seating arrangement.

The ranger vehicle also features smooth suspension to handle the toughest terrains with 9inch suspension holds with good ground clearance and power steering with a turning radius of full 10 inches. All combined, this makes the Electric one sweet nimble ride!

The popular and featured Polaris electric ranger brands include:

Polaris has divided their exclusive range of electric vehicles according to categories like Polaris ACE, general, Ranger, RZR, scrambler, sportsman, youth amongst which the following are a few of the electric ones. The normal horse power range of these vehicles ranges from 19HP to over 100Hp depending on the type of use and it’s on and off-road capabilities. The base models start at $5999 and go upwards of $12000.

  • Ranger 500 Sage green which is priced at a modest $8999. This particular electric ranger also comes in a solar red model.
  • Ranger 570 Sage green priced at $9999 with the single-color variant for this particular model.
  • Ranger 570 full size solar red, full size sage green in the two-color variants $10229. Normally the variants will be divided according to the segments, seating capacity, power and of course the price.
  • Ranger 570 Polaris pursuit camo, Ranger crew 570-4 sage green, Ranger EV avalanche gray, Ranger crew 570-4 Polaris pursuit camo are priced at $10599, $10799, $11299, $11399 accordingly.

Other models can be looked up on the official ranger website of Polaris, where the models can be compared side by side.

Polaris also offers the choice of building your own Ranger vehicle which can be customized according to your specifications. This is a unique feature which will ensure that you get what you want for the best price, without having to go through the grueling task of choosing from the number of products that are available at your disposal. Visit the official website to know more about the build your own electric ranger option.

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