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Washer and dryer combo buying guide

Washer and dryer combo buying guide

First-time shoppers can often find themselves confused in between the different kinds of washers and dryers and the features they have. If you are a first-time shopper for these washing and drying machines and have come across washer and dryer combos, here is a guide to help you buy the right one and understand what it is.

What is a Washer and Dryer Combo?

A washer and dryer combo is a single unit of front loading machine that performs the functions of a washing machine and a condenser clothes dryer. These combos allow you to use either the washing or the drying functions or both according to your laundry needs. While the machine washes the clothes just like any other washing machine, the dryer is a bit different than the vented dryers as it uses the condensation method to drain out the moisture from the clothes.

The best washer and dryer combo for you should be able to take care of all your laundry needs and should fit well within your laundry area.

Why should one buy a washer and dryer combo?

Washer and dryer combos are ideal for small living spaces like apartments or for homes that have a small laundry area. Since it is just a single unit of the machine, it helps save a lot of space. It gets the work of two machines done within the space of just one machine. These combos are compact machines that can be easily placed under work benches or even small closets as these are portable machines.

What factors should one consider when buying a washer and dryer combo?

Some important factors to consider before buying a washer and dryer combo include:


The initial cost of buying a washer and dryer combo is comparatively more than purchasing washer and dryer sets. Be ready to spend a lot more on the best washer and dryer combo if you need only one washing and drying unit in your home. Since most of these washer and dryer combos are portable, these are available only in electric variants so bear in mind the electricity costs of operating them as well.

Energy efficiency

This is an important factor to consider when you are looking for any electronic goods in general. In comparison to washer and dryer sets or bundles, washer and dryer combos use less water, and condenser dryers use less energy as compared to the vented dryers. So you can be rest-assured that the washer and dryer combo choice will not only use the power efficiently and but also save you from heavy utility bills.

Functionality and capacity

The best washer and dryer combo should be able to complete all your laundry needs without damaging your clothes and should save you time and money on the utility bills. When shopping for a washer and dryer combo, look for units that have the sufficient capacity to take care of the laundry needs of your households. Getting a combo with a smaller capacity than what you need, will increase the laundry cycles you run and time you spend for doing your laundry.


Look for the washer and dryer combos that have the maximum wash and drying cycle options to ensure that you can clean various kinds of fabrics easily. Consider other features like self-clean mechanism, sanitizing wash cycles, wrinkle-free drying, and noiseless operation among other features that increase the convenience.

There are a number of washer and dryer combos available in the market. Choose the best washer and dryer combo for you by comparing the different models and researching well about them before getting one.