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What is a mold allergy?
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What is a mold allergy?

Molds can grow at any place – from dried leaves to logs to your window ledges. Even moist places like kitchens and washrooms provide optimum condition for mold to thrive. Some people have serious allergies to these molds, which wreaks havoc on their health. There are about 1,000 species of mold found in the US and a substantial number of them are not visible under naked eyes. When these minute molds become air-borne, they can cause allergies among people.

What are the symptoms of mold allergies?
The signs and symptoms of mold allergies are somewhat similar to that of other respiratory allergies. That is why it becomes very difficult for the affected person to understand that he or she has mold allergy. Some of the most common symptoms of mold allergy include:
• Nasal congestion and runny nose
• Sneezing and frequent coughing
• Itchiness in the throat
• Wheezing
• Irritation in the eyes

Some people also find it difficult to breathe when affected with mold allergy.

How can a mold allergy be managed?
If you feel that you have mold allergy or affected with symptoms that are similar to mold allergy, you should consult an allergist without any delay. Your doctor may recommend some blood test and skin allergy test to determine whether you have any mold allergy.

If it is found that you have a mold allergy, then it is imperative to search for their sources and remove them. You can determine the sources by tracking the symptoms for 14 days. Note that exposure to mold may take place anywhere under the sun, be it your home or outdoors or your workstation.

Your doctor may prescribe you decongestants and antihistamines for relieving the symptoms. You should develop a habit of wearing a mask, which will prevent you from inhaling the air-borne mold. It is recommended to take allergy medicines preemptively, if you know that you will have exposure to mold. Once you have come back, you should remove any visible mold spores by rinsing them thoroughly under water.

How should you guard your home against mold attack?
Guarding the home against mold attacks is a vital step of eradicating the harmful effects of mold. You can take the following measures to eliminate mold growth:
• Don’t let spillage or leakage to remain as they provide a suitable site for mold growth.
• Try to install an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture content of the room. If it is not feasible to do the same, then you should keep the window open for the sunlight to be in.
• Make a habit of cleaning the drip pans of the refrigerator, garbage and water in the flower vases.
• Clean the drainage pipe on a regular basis and make sure that the flow site is located at a distance from your home.
These steps will help you stay away from mold allergy to a considerable extent.

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