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Why biology is an important branch of science

Why biology is an important branch of science

Biology is one of the most significant branches of study as it works around the essence of life. For instance, if biology as a subject would be non-existent, it would have been impossible to decode the mechanisms of living beings. It has literally enlightened us about the eclectic working of life. Biology has given us the power to discern the difference between what’s healthy and what’s not.

For example, what’s nutritious and beneficial for our body, a fast food restaurant take out or a homemade fresh meal? We all know the correct answer to this. The choice we make is another story, but the point is that biology has taught us how are body reacts to different elements of nature.

If we start by scrutinizing the human form, biology tells us so much about our bodies. Not just about how it is designed, but how it is functions and connects, what affects it and what heals it. Biology has helped us derive some defining conclusions that have truly shaped our life for better. For example, modern medicines wouldn’t be conceived, without the thorough research of human bodies, we could have never recognized the how the diseases and our immune systems work. Biology is the reason why a human today has a potential to fight sicknesses and lead a prolonged life.

Besides developing defense measures, the pathbreaking discovery of genetics was an unreal territory to be scaled. It brought substantial proof to the table that why and how certain disorders and illness are passed down in families. It also proved to be an important tool in forensic sciences.

Apart from people, biology has decoded the complexity of the flora and fauna as well. Branches like agrobiology and botany has paved the way for so many industries. Today we can sell and buy food products at a mass level. We know what crop to use, how to tend it and how to harvest it. Zoology on the other hand has educated us about animal behavior, their habitats and their evolution over the years.

When it comes to areas like ecology, biology has taught us how certain organisms are crucial for the survival of habitats. For instance, how sharks are imperative for keeping the oceans clean and healthy. If these prime predators are poached from the marine then the ecosystem will lose its equilibrium, infesting the seas and the oceans with illness.

One of the reasons why biology impacts us so much is because it deals with something that keeps happening around us, within us, all the time. It is a progressive branch of study that continues to unravel the wonders of planet Earth.

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