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Tips And Suggestions To Buy The Best Mattress For Back Pain
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Tips And Suggestions To Buy The Best Mattress For Back Pain

There are endless options in the market if you decide to buy a mattress. However, it is not as easy as you may think to buy one. It is very important to choose a mattress that best suits your needs and does not induce back pain. A wrong pick would make you unable to get a good night’s sleep and negatively impact your physical and mental health. If you suffer from back pain, then it becomes all the more important for you to buy the best mattress. A proper mattress would give you back pain relief, whereas a wrong one would aggravate the problem further and for longer. Here are certain tips to help you buy the best mattress for back pain:

Research Online
It is extremely important to research before making the purchase. Check out information on the kind of mattress you should buy if you have back pain. Accordingly, find the brands and types that sell the kind of mattress you are looking for.

Talk to Your Physician
Talk your healthcare provider or physical therapist and ask for their recommendations. Depend on their expert advice as they would suggest treatments on the basis of your symptoms and medical conditions.

Do Not Fall for Marketing Gimmicks
It is difficult to not to fall into the traps of marketing gimmicks. There are manufacturers who claim their products to be “medically approved” or “orthopedic” or the “best mattress for back pain.” While they may be orthopedic friendly, but there is hardly any real “medically approved” mattress available.

Test the Mattress
When you go shopping for a mattress, lie on it for at least 10-15 minutes to understand the feel of the mattress. Do not get self-conscious or let the salesperson hurry you up. To make an important decision and big purchase like this, you must at least have 10 minutes of experience lying on it. In case you have a partner, always go for the testing with him or her. You must buy a mattress that best suits you both and your partner, and avoids back pain for both of you.

Mattress Firmness
When you are suffering from back pain you want to consider the best mattress for its firmness. Studies show that a medium firm mattress are best suited for relieving back pain. A soft mattress, on the other hand, is not so good for the ailment. Note that a firm feel is different from firm support. What you need is firm support and a comfortable feel. The comfort level depends on your preference.

Pillow Tops Not Meant for Everybody
People who are light in weight don’t need a thick pillow top mattress as their weight is insufficient for compressing the foam and touching the underlying support coils. However, people on the heavier side would find a mattress with an extra cushion more comfortable an option.

Adjustable Beds
You can also buy adjustable beds if you are more comfortable being seated in a recliner instead of lying down. This bed will let you elevate your knees and neck slightly to mitigate pressure on the lower back.

Trial Period and Comfort Guarantee
There are retailers and manufacturers that guarantee comfort or give your money back. Most mattresses come with a free trial period as well. It means if you do not like the product after using for a certain period of time, you can send it back to the seller. Check these facilities with the retailer before buying a mattress.

Check for Warranty
A proper mattress would come with a 10-year, non-prorated, or full-replacement warranty.

Use Protection for Your Mattress
Never use a mattress without waterproof mattress protector as stains will nullify the warranty.

Shop from a Specialized Mattress Dealer
It is always advisable to make your purchase from a store that deals with mattresses only and a specialized seller as well. They would guide to buy the exact mattress you are looking for.

Best mattresses for back pain support include the following brands:

  • The Amerisleep AS2
  • The Saatva Mattress
  • The Helix Mattress
  • The Bear Mattress

All these mattresses are priced between $800-1200.

It is always suggested to buy a mattress after proper inspection and testing. You do not want your back pain to hurt more.